Private Fire Hydrants in Austin
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Local Regulation Information

Annual testing and maintenance is required using an approved private fire hydrant contractor. The Austin Fire Department must be notified if testing and maintenance reveals anything that could possibly impair fire suppression ability, and a required test and maintenance report must be submitted to the Austin Water Utility’s Special Services Division (SDD), no less than once a year.

Firefighting efforts can be seriously jeopardized if the water pressure and flow of private hydrants drop below safe levels. Even a large fire engine responding to a fire is not equipped to carry more than 2,000 gallons of water. Understandably, Firefighters at the scene of a raging fire rely on the nearest fire hydrant as their main source of available water.

Austin Fire Hydrant performs fire hydrant installations and repairs according to the various listed standards and specifications adopted by the City of Austin.

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Austin Fire Hydrant offers intelligent solutions to challenging private hydrant problems.

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Every part of the fire hydrant is an important component to ensure effective fire safety measures.

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We install fire hydrants approved by the City of Austin Utility's standard product listing SPL No. WW-3.